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Ice Cream Store in Waurn Ponds. Award-winning, locally made with all-natural ingredients. Hooley Dooley proudly stocking Dooleys Ice Cream.

Hooley Dooley Colouring Competition

Colouring Competition

Colour in the artwork, tell us your favourite Hooley Dooley Ice cream flavour, to be in the chance to win Hooley Dooley Dollars for your next visit.

Terms & Conditions: You agree for your child's artwork to be placed on the Hooley Dooley Artist Gallery across our social channels

  • 1 of 3 $20 worth of Hooley Dooley dollars.
  • Age Groups; 1-6, 7-11, 12-16 winners.
  • Winners announced 14th July, 2024.
  • Winners contacted via mobile.
Hooley Dooley eGift Cards

eGift Cards

We believe in the power of ice cream… A way to anyones heart, is to bring the joy and experience of Hooley Dooley Ice Cream. Send an eGift Card with personal message of any value. Send instantly or on nominated date to your recipient. Redeemed in store at our Waurn Ponds, Victoria store.

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Our Menu


Get creative and make it your own with extras on top
  • 1 Scoop6.90
  • 2 Scoops8.90
  • 3 Scoops10.90
  • Baby Scoop5.90

    For the little ones (under 5)

Take me home

Mix n’ match your tubs
  • 500gm16.90

    Up to 2 Flavours

  • 1 Litre Tub29.90

    Up to 4 Flavours

  • 1.5 Litre Tub34.90

    Up to 6 Flavours

Tasting Boards

  • Choose up to any 6 flavours19.90

    For Ice Cream Lovers, Sharers and for those with Indecisiveness Tendencies

Fairy Floss

  • Fairy Floss Stick or Bag4.90

    Apple, Banana, Bubble-gum, Cherry, Cola, Grape, Lemon, Orange, Marshmallow, Pineapple, Pink Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon


  • Milkshakes8.90
  • Thickshakes10.90

Signature Shakes

  • Oreo Shake 10.90

    Oreo Ice Cream, Chocolate Fudge sauce, Milk House made Cream and crushed Oreos

  • HoneyComb Crunch10.90

    HoneyComb Ice Cream, Caramel Fudge Sauce, Milk, House Made Cream & Honey Comb Pieces

  • Mint Aero10.90

    Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream, Milk, House Made Cream, Smashed Mint Chocolate Aero


  • Ice Cream & Flavour Fizz8.90

    Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Raspberry, Lime, Portello & Sasperella

Ice Overs

  • Iced Chocolate9.90
  • Iced Coffee9.90


  • Banana9.90
  • Berry9.90
  • Mango & Passionfruit9.90

Poffertjes & Waffles

Choice of Dutch Mini Pancakes of Waffles

  • Basic9.90

    Lemon, Sugar & Dust

  • Jam9.90

    Strawberry Jam, House Made Cream & Dust

  • Maple9.90

    Maple Syrup, House Made Cream & Dust

  • Strawberries & Nutella13.90

    Strawberries Nutella Sauce, House Made Cream & Dust

  • Banana Rama13.90

    Banana, Hot Caramel Sauce, House Made Cream & Dust

  • Chocolate Fudge13.90

    Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Chocolate Flake, House Made Cream & Dust

  • Caramel Fudge13.90

    Hot Caramel Fudge Sauce, Honeycomb Pieces, House Made Cream & Dust

Poffertjes Extras

  • Ice Cream4.00
  • Speciality Sauces1.50
  • Lolliesper serve .90


Any day, is a good day, for a Sundae

  • Traditional Banana Split14.90

    Freshly Siced Banana, 3 Scoops of Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce, House Made Cream, Nuts, Wafer and Cherry on Top

  • Strawberry Dream14.90

    Freshly Sliced Strawberries, 3 Scoops of Ice Cream, Strawberry Dream Sauce, House Made Cream & Chocolate Flakes

  • Hot Chocolate Fudge14.90

    Your choice of 3 scoops of Ice Cream, House Made Cream, Drizzling Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Chocolate Flakes and Sprinkles

  • Hot Caramel Fudge14.90

    Your choice of 3 scoops of Ice Cream, House Made Cream, Drizzling Hot Caramel Fudge Sauce, Honey Comb Pieces and Sprinkles

  • Signature Fairy Floss14.90

    Your choice of Fairy Floss Flavour, Your choice of 3 Scoops of Ice Cream, Fresh House Made Cream, Drizzling Hot Chocolate Sauce and Sprinkles

Food Allergy Legend

Berry Mix    
Blood Orange Sorbet    
Bubblegum Gelato    
Chilli Chocolate    
Choc Hazelnut  
Coconut Raffaello  
Coffee Choc Crunch  
Cookies & Mint Gelato
Hazelnut Gelato  
Honey Malt  
Lemon Curd  
Lemon Meringue Cheesecake  
Lemon Sorbet    
Mint Choc Chip Gelato    
Panna Cotta  
Panna Cotta w Fig Jam Ripple  
Peanut Butter w Choc Hazelnut Ripple Gelato  
Raspberry Sorbet    
Raspberry w White Chocolate Ripple  
Rum & Raisin    
Salted Caramel    
Strawberries & Cream    
Strawberry Sorbet    
Turkish Delight    
Unicorn Poo M&Ms  
Vanilla Choc Chip    

And so much more in-store

We are Hooley Dooley…

With over 500 awards since 2008, Hooley Dooley is bringing the ultimate Ice Cream playground to life at Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre.

Get nostalgic, and have your taste buds tantalised by the mouth watering flavours that originate from Apollo Bay, nestled along the Otways Great Ocean Road.

Now in Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre…

Now made locally in Geelong with only the finest ingredients, highest grade chocolate, and sweetest seasonal fruits, your expectations are sure be exceeded.

With extravagant flavours, vegan friendly options and authentic gelato, Hooley Dooley and the crew can’t wait to introduce you to the best Ice Cream in Geelong.

Dine-in with us…

We don’t just scoop Ice Cream, we create experiences. Dine-In and design an Ice Cream culinary delight to tantalise your tastebuds.

Bring to life a leaning tower of Ice Cream cones, then dip into the whipped cream swirls that you’ll be adding to our famous banana splits. A degustation of tastes and visual eye candy that child and adult will both enjoy, while immersing into Hooley Dooley’s Willy Wonka cafe vibes. Come play, sit down and stay with us.

A special place for kids of all ages…

Dooley’s are famous for their award winning Ice Cream that has been thriving for 20 years, and dripping with bursts of flavour, that take you back to enjoying the simple, but tasty moments in life.

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Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre

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Shop 7, 173-199 Pioneer Road, Waurn Ponds, VIC, Australia 3216

Day Open Close
Monday 11:30am 8:30pm
Tuesday 11:30am 8:30pm
Wednesday 11:30am 8:30pm
Thursday 11:30am 8:30pm
Friday 11:30am 9:00pm
Saturday 11:00am 9:00pm
Sunday 11:00am 8:00pm
Public holidays 11:30am 8:00pm
Good Friday/Xmas   Closed

(03) 5243 4406

Jobs at Hooley Dooley

Spread your wings at Hooley Dooley. With a philosophy of kindness, fun and playful perfectionism, your leadership and self confidence will melt into creating an array skills as big as the range of our Ice Cream flavours.

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